DC Current Sensors

JPS-H series

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The JPS-H series of high-voltage insulation and high-precision current sensors are designed for current monitoring in DC 1500V lines, utilizing temperature-enhanced amplifier technology.

J&D has pioneered the development of a product that incorporates high insulation design, making it the first in the world to be stably used in DC 1500V lines.


The JPS-H series are current measurement sensors compatible with voltage lines from 600V to 1500V, and they have obtained PD2 certification, IEC 61010-2-033 CAT III 1500V/CAT IV 600V, and UL61010-1 CAT III 1000V certifications.

The JPS-H series is based on an internal insulation distance design and split-core technology network. This network uses two Hall elements and a permalloy core to measure based on advanced open-loop technology, with the generated signal converted into a voltage signal through an automatic zero-adjustment amplifier.


Combining hybrid Hall element twin technology with an ultra-precision zero-drift operational amplifier, the split-core sensor is easy to install on cables and is designed to maintain high precision even at high temperatures.

Given the nature of PV systems, which are installed where solar energy is maximized for optimal energy capture performance, this product is designed to address high operating temperature issues effectively.

With the JPS-H series, you can experience a new standard in high-voltage current monitoring.