Current Transformers

ARCT series

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The flexible Rogowski coil of the high-accuracy split-core current transformers offer significant installation advantages over the general split-core CT’s because of their light weight, wide current(10-5000+ Amps), mechanical flexibility for mounting in tight quarters and easy placement around cable bundles or large busbars. Offered in 80, 115, 180, and 300 mm window sizes, the ARCT series is the most accurate Rogowski coil in submetering.


- In the following graphs, a positive phase angle error indicates that the output of the Rogowski coil CT with an integrator leads the primary current.
- Graphs show typical performance at 25°C, 50/60Hz
- Performance Graphs – The standard CT meets IEEE C57.13 class 0.6 standard & IEC 61869-2 class 0.5S standard