AC/DC & DC/DC Converter Solutions

AC/DC Converters

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- Input Capabilities: Designed with a 10:1 input ratio, it covers a voltage gamut from 100-1500VDC, accommodating 22 distinct models across three tiers.
- Output Stability: The output signal is rigorously stabilized, having passed a stringent 60-second test, and boasts a formidable input-output isolation of 4000VAC.
- Voltage Adaptability: This series is adept at handling varied nominal input voltages and seamlessly converts them to singular output voltages.
- Thermal Resilience: Efficiently operates across a temperature spectrum, from -40°C to 70°C or -25°C to 70°C.
- Safety Features: Equipped with robust protective mechanisms, it safeguards against over-voltage and over-current, offers continuous short-circuit protection, and boasts a rapid 2-second startup time.
- Purpose: Precision-engineered to meet the demands of solar energy conversion into DC electricity, making it ideal for photovoltaic power generation and high-voltage inverters.