DC Current Sensors

IDCS-UI series

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split‑core  DC current sensors

DC CURRENT SENSORS - USED WITH   DC energy meters- FROM 1000 TO 5000 A 

Plug and play split core DC current  sensors for DC energy meters for retrofit applications.

Measures DC load current in electrical installations without disturbing wiring and transmits safe 500 mV and 471 mV auxiliary outputs to power monitoring devices via RJ11 or RJ45 modular connectors.


Engineered for accuracy and durability, they are suited to deliver precision current measurements in DC applications like renewable energy or transportation. Applications for DC measurements include battery monitoring, solar string and other systems that utilize DC power.

The IDCS-UI Series is compatible with Sensway AC/DC energy meters with optional CTid technology and requires a sensor hub.

Plug & Play
- A quick RJ11 or RJ45 connection makes wiring easy and reliable.
- Fast configuration of the sensor's rating.