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Current Transformers: JPS series


JPS series

Designed for quick and easy installation, JPS series of split core current

transformer support both Power Quality measuring and Revenue

Grade metering. Ideal for use in either new construction or retrofits,

the split core design allows JPS Series CT to be opened and placed around

the power cable, securely locked noticed by A SINGLE CLICK SOUND,

thus speeding up installation time. Enhanced durability prevents effect of

vibration or shock, considering characteristics of opening/closing hinges.

Therefore, the JPS series current transformers can measure the current

flowing through the line with Revenue grade accuracy.

Unique design listed under UL 2808, UL/EN 61010-1 allows for field installation

of JPS series in manufactured subpanels and electrical cabinets while

maintaining the UL rating and manufacturer warranty.



- IEEE/ANSI C57.13, Class 0.3/0.6 accuracy

- IEC 61869-2 Class 0.2S/0.5S accuracy

- Accessories options for installation (Terminal, plug-in, RJ12 port

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And an installation guide for using the product.


- Please be sure that Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injury and/or cause damage.

- The transducer shall be used in electric/electronic equipment in accordance with the operating instructions of all related systems

   and component manufacturers with respect to applicable standards and safety requirements.

- Follow corresponding national regulations and safe electrical work practices.

- This equipment must only be installed and serviced by qualified personnel. And the qualified personnel is one who has skills

  and knowledge related to the construction and operation of this electrical equipment and installations, and has received safety training to recognize and avoid the hazards involved.