Renewable Energy

Why Current Transducers are needed in renewable energy

The important point in modern society’s renewable energy system is how eficiently the supplied power can be used without loss. 

This requires a precise coordination of operating systems such as panels, inverters, DC meters, and motors, etc.. Current transducers increase the efficiency of the equipment by enabling current measurement and monitoring. 

Smart and efficient CT USE of Renewable Energies

CTs with high accuracy is required to get adequate readings on energy consumption & generation.

DC generated by solar power and AC generated by wind power are stored as DC in the battery or ESS, and DC is converted to AC for use. High-accuracy AC CT is required to accurately measure AC electricity output from the inverter, which is an electricity conversion device that converts DC into AC. Through J&D’s CT, which is durable and has high precision, it is possible to efficiently use the power of renewable energy.


– Solar
– Windmills
– Hydroelectric
– Fuel cells
– Geothermal power
– Tidal energy 


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