Innovative DC Power Monitoring Solution

: AcuDC 240

Revolutionize Your DC Power Monitoring with AcuDC 240

The AcuDC 240 is an advanced DC energy meter designed to monitor and control DC power systems using a wide range of measurement parameters such as voltage, current, power, and energy.

When connected with J&D's EVS30-V series voltage sensors, capable of measuring up to 3000VDC, and the split-core current sensors, IDCS-S and IDCS-U series, capable of measuring up to 5000ADC, it offers an optimized solution for high-voltage and high-current monitoring of DC power lines. Perfectly tailored for applications in net metering, solar PV, ESS, wind turbine generation, and other energy solutions, the AcuDC 240 is your ideal choice for comprehensive and efficient DC power monitoring.