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J&D's Smart Electricity Meters: Pioneering Precision in Current Measurement

Global Impact

J&D leads the global transition to smart electronic electricity meters, serving top players in the IEC and ANSI markets. With over two decades of excellence, we offer advanced J&D current transformers, catering to both domestic and industrial needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our current transformers incorporate revolutionary nanocrystalline materials from the HPN® alloy series. This breakthrough guarantees robustness and precision across various meter models. Highlights include exceptional linearity, minimal temperature dependence, and a sleek design, ideal for modern energy demands.

Advanced Design & Customization

Setting new worldwide benchmarks in precise current measurement, our products are known for their high accuracy and consistent quality. Our selection ranges from standard transformers for up to 1000 A to modular options like triple CTs in one unit for poly-phase meters. We also offer transformers with integrated shielding against external magnetic fields. Our sophisticated design software predicts phase and amplitude errors, ensuring superior meter performance in both standard and bespoke solutions.

Product Line-up
  • Cores & Current Transformers: Optimal for electronic energy meters.
  • Monitoring Transformers: Built for dependable current monitoring.
  • Protection Transformers: Customized for protective applications.
Key Features
  • Minimal phase and amplitude discrepancies.
  • Broad adaptability to diverse current ranges.
  • Steady phase and amplitude error performance.
  • Conforms to IEC 62053-21 and -23 for DC tolerance.

  • Branch Circuit Power Monitoring: Enhances power distribution efficiency.
  • Substation Error Detection: Guarantees precision in utility network monitoring.
  • Motor Management Systems: Crucial for motor safeguarding.
  • Industrial Electricity Meters: Offers unparalleled accuracy for essential power consumers.
  • Smart Electricity Meters: Delivers exact measurements, with or without DC immunity.
Enhanced Measurement Capabilities

Our transformers with HPN® alloy cores provide ultra-precise measurement of line or cable currents. They feature galvanic isolation in AC settings and can detect AC and DC residual currents, essential in contemporary electricity networks.

Current Transformer for Energy Measurement

Tailored for smart meter applications where exact current measurement is vital, our CTs feature a compact build, high linearity, and saturation induction. They excel in reducing phase and amplitude errors, ensuring superior accuracy. Their robust thermal surge current capacity and resistance are perfect for electricity networks. Their high permeability up to the upper kHz range is crucial for detecting higher frequencies in electronics. As DC usage in consumer applications increases, our HPN® alloy cores offer the needed DC tolerance to meet current standards.

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