Current Transducers

JM21NH series

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The JM21XXNH series, featuring split-core AC/DC current transducers, merges advanced amplification techniques with Hall elements to provide cutting-edge technology that significantly reduces DC offset. This series also encompasses an integrated isolated DC/DC converter that operates on a single power supply, either +24VDC or an optional +12VDC, enhancing the safety and efficiency of installations substantially.

Designed to precisely measure a wide range of primary currents from 5A to 250A, this series excels in managing both AC and DC currents.

With the ability to convert primary input currents into various accurate secondary output options, such as 4-20 mA DC, 0-5 V DC, and 0-10 V DC, this transducer is ideal for a multitude of industrial applications, especially in the field of current measurement and monitoring.

The JM21XXNH series is renowned for its unparalleled precision and versatility, offering cost-effective solutions while simplifying the installation process to significantly reduce both time and labor costs. The implementation of safer installation methods further minimizes potential risks, leading to substantial long-term savings in maintenance and operational costs. Overall, the JM21XXNH series is a high-precision, efficiency-enhancing product that ensures optimal safety and cost-efficiency in various industrial settings.


- Self-powered and loop-powered versions
- Operating range: -20°C to +60°C
- Isolation test voltage: 3.5kV RMS / 50Hz / 1min
- Sensing aperture: 21mm(for non-contact measurement)
- UL94-V0 recognized materials