Ultra-Precision Voltage Measurement Solutions for Low-Voltage AC Lines

Protection relay devices and power quality meters are increasingly being installed in substations, distribution networks, and industries worldwide. For over 20 years, we've successfully supplied leading power meter manufacturers in the IEC and ANSI markets with J&D voltage transformers.

Our innovative and cost-effective solutions utilize nanocrystalline materials from the HPN® alloy family, offering robust and accurate performance across various meter designs. Our voltage transformers provide technical advantages such as high linearity, low temperature dependence, and a compact form.

With high accuracy and consistent quality, our designs set global standards for precision voltage measurement. Our standard voltage transformers operate up to 500VAC, and with advanced design software, we simulate phase and amplitude errors to ensure optimal meter performance. Our solutions can be standard or customized to meet specific needs.

Introduction to Voltage Transformers for
Ultra-Precision Measurement

Current-type and voltage measurement: Utilizing compact voltage transformers (VTs), these devices offer high accuracy and excellent linearity across a broad operating range.

Voltage Measurement Solutions for Low-Voltage Lines

: Current-Type Voltage Measuring VTs
We employ Current-Type Voltage Transformers (VTs) for high accuracy and linearity across a wide operating range.

These transform current into a voltage signal via resistors, with the transformer's secondary output converted into the required voltage signal using sampling resistors.


Miniature Voltage Transformers (VTs)

For voltage measurement, these compact VTs provide high accuracy and linearity across a wide range.

Here, the primary voltage is transformed into a secondary voltage, ideal for accurate voltage measurement in protective relays.

Main Applications

Our solutions are crucial for power energy monitoring and protection relay devices, among other applications.