Revolutionize Energy Efficiency with RJ12 Plug and Play EQ Split-Core Transformers

In today’s world, where high energy costs and the shift towards decentralized generation highlight the importance of energy conservation, the RJ12 Plug-and-Play EQ Split Core Transformer emerges as a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Designed for easy and rapid installation in power quality meters or multi-channel energy meters, this transformer addresses the need for reduced installation costs.

Rapidly Changing Energy Landscape

The energy sector is undergoing rapid transformations. 
Increased energy demand, grid transmission challenges, the shift towards electric transportation, and the impact of distributed generation on grid pollution have made predicting future trends more challenging. 
These changes necessitate swift adjustments in network design and consumption patterns.

Smart Energy Monitoring

J&D’s Smart Energy Monitoring System, equipped with current and voltage transformers, is engineered to optimize energy usage. The system enables local and remote monitoring and control of energy consumption.


Innovative Transformer Design

J&D's compact EQ Split Core Current Transformers feature RJ12 connections for easy plug-and-play installation. Our latest models boast safety and ease of installation with low-voltage & current outputs of 333mV or 100mA.

Key advantages include

Elimination of the need for transformer short-circuiting.
Reduction in cable losses, allowing for the use of longer and thinner cables.
Manufacturing compatibility with RJ plugs.
Flexibility with both single-phase and three-phase options.

Key Features

Easy plug-and-play installation via RJ12 connection.
Full range of solid core sensors from 5 to 2400 A.
Simplified installation in space-constrained environments.
Wide measurement range covered by just two sensor models.
Color-coded cables for error prevention.
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