Clamp Type Current Sensor Series Lineup


Operating Principle

Clamp-type alternating current sensor is a current transformer which can detect alternating current at non-contact. This divided type sensor allows mounting in existing circuits without interrupting the power supply. The rated current range is 5A to 600A, and voltage output types are also part of the lineup in addition to general current output types.
The core placed around the current bus is provided with a secondary winding (N turn), in which electromagnetic induction caused by AC electricity to be detected (I) induces secondary current (I/N).

Connecting a load resistor (RL) provides output inproportion to the current to be detected.


- With small variations in relative error and phase difference,
and suitable for power measurement

- Even with CT secondary side release, safe output protection is built-in.

- Rated current range from 5A to 600A


- Energy conservation management systems, power measuring circuits

- Distribution board branch current detection

- Current supply checking for devices


Operating Principle

This current sensor can detect direct current and alternating current at non-contact using a hall element of a magnetoelectric conversion element. Rated products available for solar cell string monitoring are also part of the lineup. As we can also manufacture customized products that meet customer demand, don’t hesitate to ask us.

This sensor is an open-loop type which can directly detect a magnetic field generated by input current using hall elements. A magnetic field generated by input current (I) is detected by hall elements placed in gaps around the core placed around the input current line, and is converted to voltage.

Output from the hall element is small, therefore, it is amplified to a voltage of some volts by an amplifier at a subsequent stage to output.


- Simple construction, small and reasonably-priced

- Low current consumption

- Applicable to various powers

- Wide detecting range, resistant to overcurrent

- Easy routing for installation by connector connecting specification


- Solar cell string monitoring system

- Power supply equipment, etc.