Clamp on Current Probe Technology

J&D AC JCP provides non-contact detection of AC current

The AC clamp on current probes are based on AC transformer principle with various utility, high reliability & Cost-effective solution for precise current measurements.
The rated current range is 5 to 1000AAC and secondary output values are 0-5/10V or 4-20mADC & 0.1A/1A/5A/333mVAC.

J&D JCP provides non-contact detection of DC or AC current 

To supply great property against electric jamming, it needs equivalent winding. This kind of performance is up to Rogowski manufacturing process. Other main points are positioning conductor in loop and consider opening clip from external conductor’s sensitivity.

Clamping clip makes sure of high symmetry on both end of coils and accurate mechanism overall. New technology in this field, as special hardware and electric property, possibly makes better accuracy and strong tolerance on conductor’s position. Conductor’s positioning error is not good as ±3% at 50/60Hz generally, but on the other hand, new Rogowski coil has error lower than ±0.5%.