DC Current Sensors

IDCS-I series

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The IDCSXXI series consists of bidirectional, split-core DC current sensors designed for a variety of applications. These applications include battery monitoring, solar string evaluation, and other systems that utilise DC power.

J&D's DC current sensors incorporate CTid technology and feature an on-board LED for seamless, automatic detection. This LED is useful for identifying the specific CT connected to the sensor port, especially when it is difficult to trace CT leads.
The IDCSXXI series is also fully compatible with Sensway IoT meters and requires the use of an eGauge sensor hub.

SENSWAY IoT meters


- Rated current: 5A up to 800Amps
- Linearity Error: Better than 2%
- Offset Error: Better than 1.5% of range
- Operating Temperature: -25 °C to 75 °C, 85% RH non-condensing
- Raw Output: ±471mV
- Power Supply: DC +5V ± 5%, 40mA (provided by the eGauge Sensor Hub)
- UL61010-1, EN61010-1 certified