The need of Current Transducers in Drive Most industrial equipment uses drives. Drives play an important role in motor’s speed control, direction change, and protection through processors that control small currents and voltages. As a result, drive efficiency leads to motor efficiency, which is important in industrial energy management. Therefore, current transducers must be able […]

EV Charger

As the EU’s CO2 emission regulations are further strengthened in 2020, in the long term, electric vehicle manufacturers predict that the sales rate of electric vehicles will rise sharply.  Chargers for electric vehicles act as the biggest factor in the supply and spread of electric vehicles, and companies that develop stable and more innovative EV […]

Power Supply

Power supply based applications using devices made up of power electronics (chargers, DC links, batteries, inverters and/or rectifiers) all require efficient current control, monitoring, regulation and protection. This is necessary to ensure their integrity and normal functioning. J&D transducers ensure: stable power supply accurate currents conversions depending on the various stages timely information in case […]


For a welding process to be successful, the 2 parts to be welded must be exposed to an intense heating source usually created with an electrical arc which temperature can reach up to 3000°C. The quality of the welding depends, among others, on a high control of this electrical arc and of the electrical current […]


TRACTION Modes of public transport such as high-speed trains, city transit systems and freight trains provide the ideal solution to meet the increased demand for more mobility whilst helping to fight pollution and traffic congestion. Power electronics is essential for driving and controlling energy in these systems. For both electric or diesel trains, traction is […]

Renewable Energy

J&D transducers, specifically designed for renewable power systems, control the flow and waveform of energy sent to the grid from renewable energy systems. They measure the current to help the windmills, solar, photovoltaic or any kind of installations to work at their maximum efficiency. SMART AND EFFICIENT USE OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES The use of power […]


Automated manufacturing equipment To check the speed and efficiency of automation equipment, it is important to know the electrical signals accurately. This is because all manufacturing systems and machines operate through electricity. Today’s factories are made up of automated equipment instead of human resources and the equipment has become advanced and complex. Therefore, fast electrical […]

Smart Grid

The intelligent power line network is the backbone of the power energy system. The most advanced current sensors allow utilities to monitor their overhead distribution lines to optimize their capacity and protect the locations from the cause of faults of high-impedance and consumption peaks violations etc., thus improving reliability and efficiency of the MV/LV Distribution […]

Power Monitoring

1. Power Quality  Power quality refers to a wide variety of variations in the electric power supplied to utility customers. If the power quality standards from the distributed resources do not meet regulations, both utilities and the customers might be penalized. This is because when the supply voltage is distorted, a device draws non-sinusoidal currents and […]