Accomplishing Closed-Loop accuracy in new advanced Open-Loop Current Sensors 2020

The demands of engineers, designing in power electronics systems of distributed resources, are the current sensors with low power consumption. And the current transducers that have higher current measurement with high accuracy are desired.   To meet these demands, J&D developed open loop current sensors to measure higher current with low power consumption. See figure […]

How to Choose between Split-Core CT and RCT for Power and Energy Monitoring 2012 OCT

iSAST OPEN CT Engineers of power and energy monitoring systems are concerned about choosing split-core current transformers(CTs) for high quality measurement without disconnection of the power line and problems pertaining to temperature change or vibration and installation safety. J&D’s split-core CTs are available as iSAST OPEN CTs with a magnetic core and iSAST OPEN RCT […]

New Split-core Outdoor Rogowski coil CTs(JRF MOI Series) & New advanced Split-core Outdoor CTs(JOS Series) 2014 Nov

New Split-core Outdoor Rogowski coil CTs(JRF MOI Series) 2014 NOV Conventional split-core outdoor Rogowski coil CTs have the inherent problem of coil inductance tolerance, requiring additional software coding at the smart meter or transformer monitor to match the CT’s output. This problem causes inconvenience and extra cost because of the additional set up and configuration […]

Split-core current transformer for distribution transformer monitoring 2015

The integration of revenue-grade CT operated smart meters at the consumer level has expanded significantly as a result of the implementation of the ‘smart grid’ strategy. This rapid expansion has raised the issue of controlling installation costs in existing infrastructure. As a cost saving solution, J&D has introduced the JMS series of split-core, revenue-metering(billing) CTs […]

J&D launches NEW split-core current transformer with Revenue-Grade metering 2016

Advanced engineers of revenue-grade smart metering systems are concerned with choosing the best split-core current transformers(CTs) that provide high quality measurement, without having to disconnect power during installation. Additionally, engineers want to avoid problems with CTs pertaining to teperature change, vibration, shock and position error, while at the same time paying attention to the new […]

Industry 4.0 with your ‘1AM’ Smart Metering Solution 2017

J&D brings you its new brand ‘1AM’ or first advanced metering system, with a compact CT-integrated smart meter flexible enough to accommodate various communication methods. Leading global electric companies face many issues as they build smart grid systems for their customers. It is required that they use smart meters, which feature advanced metering technology along […]

DC Current Sensors for Revenue-Grade Metering 2018

A recent report by the US Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) predicts that by 2020, the DC distribution market will account for 50% of the total load, as the use of microgrid and other digital loads increases globally. However, for use in conjunction with existing AC distribution systems, it is necessary to convert AC power […]