J&D DC CT provides non-contact detection of DC current.
The DC CT has two types of split-core & solid-core design with various utility, high reliability & cost-effective solution for precise current measurements. The rated current range is 5A to 30,000A DC and secondary output value is 4V/5V/10V/333mV DC & 4-20mA, Instantaneous DC current.

Measuring Principle of Open-Loop Technology
Open-Loop Hall effect technology creates magnetic flux from the input primary current and its magnetic flux couples a proportional low voltage, which amplify before being output.

Measuring Principle of Closed-Loop Technology
The secondary current is generated by transferring the proportional voltage of the hall sensor originated by the magnetic flux from the primary current.
The feedback of the compensating current via the secondary winding closes the loop, where by this current is an exact representation of the primary current.

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