June 12, 2018

J&D held seminar about PQ-CT and launched its new product at PCIM 2018 (No #7-426)

At PCIM 2018, June 5-7, Nuremberg, Germany, J&D participated in the exhibition about the latest technologies for High Performance Power Quality Monitoring CTs and Meters for Smart grid industry.  At our booth(No #7-426),  J&D showed how J&D can offer a wide range of measurement options to create new services for end-users.

And J&D held seminar about AC/DC Power quality Monitoring. Seminar Topic was “PQ-CT with PQube3 series for AC/DC Power Quality Monitoring.”

New PQube 3 series, PQube 3e is accurate power quality analyzer with Class A certification as IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3. It can be used to monitor four 3-phase loads, 14 single-phase loads, or any combination. It offers variety communication method including Ethernet, Modbus TCP, SNMP, FTP/HTTP, NTP/SNTP, FTPS and HTTPS. It meets also various measuring parameters: sag, swell, THD, flicker, etc.

J&D also introduced JPS series – J&D’s AC current sensor and JHAO series – J&D’s AC/DC current sensor, which is compatible with PQube3 series.

PQ3 will be installed with JHAO-XXXXSD / JPS-XXX-NH series by SAMSUNG and LSIS. At this point when Power quality monitoring is very important, PQ3 series with PQ-CT will be the market leader in power quality business.

You can download our seminar Data at Downloads catagories.

Let us introduce you to our optimized solution and learn more about a large selection of Smart Grid sensors we provide.

↓ More information about J&D in PCIM 2018 below.